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speculation on George Jacobs

Hello cousin, (ish)

Every now and again as time allows and I'm feeling like a little frustration will not upset my apple cart I kick my computer into drive and see what I can see about my genealogy. Most times it stress's my humor, but sometimes..... just sometimes I find something. I believe I am a descendant of George Jacobs Sr. also... that salty gent of Salem witchcraft fame. I have tried for years to connect him to his parents or his method of arrival to these grassy shores. Alas no luck... I bet he's just laughing at my efforts. do you have a clue? fact? rumor? belief? felling? hint?

George Sr begat George Jr who Begat George (I find this challenging when so many generations use the same name....)

The third George Begat Benjamin who begat Josiah WHO IS BELIEVED TO HAVE begotten Alger (or Aulguar) Jacobs who begat James Hunter Jacobs (where did hunter come from????) whos' second son was James Hunter Jacobs. His second daughter was Grace Masons DeWitt, her second daughter was Mary Elizabeth Couturier....
I am now looking into Presidents Grover Cleveland and William Taft whom we are said to be related to.

Anyway... have a lovely day...I need to get back on my roof to finish repairing damage from the last monsoon storm.... Enjoy! nice meeting you!

I have a hard time with it because he was supposedly illiterate and he was adamant about Christ during the drama of pretrial and trial. Although I have read thru every passenger list I can find from Canada to New Orleans and have yet to come up with him or a group of brothers or even a miss spelling that could be him. with my name I've become talented at spotting misspellings. I find folks were willing to believe him a which because he was such a cantankerous old fart. I found it interesting that you speculate he was bipolar. I wonder, I have looked, if there is a dna project for the "witches"

This time searching the net has been interesting, I have found one gent who claims we are related to Lizzie Borden as well as some Pharaoh. And here I thought I was doing well to get my Dads side back two generations in Germany, and my moms side as far as I have in the US.

Anyway...I need to go to work.... A customer has a grout problem calling my name.

Thank you~ ciao.

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yup, every now and then I zip through all the various sites that I

can get into free but as of yet I have had no luck with old George. I have come

up with a few rumors. (1) he was born in England, (2) he came with his brothers

one went west, the other south (sorry but wasn't Salem west at the time???) (3)

they came over with captain Kid (4) he was a German Jew..... oh well I

also have not connected george lll's son Benjamin firmly to his son Josoiah nor

Josiah to his son Alger (Aulguar) oh well.... his whole line has been a


The German Jew theory has poppped up and been tossed around exactly beacuse of his lack of origin' hemay hve fled anninomously to avoid persecution for being a Jew, and the name certainly fits. That has been our speculation in the family.

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I enjoyed reading thru your blog the other day, then today at a customers I

hopped on the internet and could "see" different pages. weird hugh?
have a good day!

From Glenn RE: the other side of our family:

At Auntie Lola's funeral supper, I visited with Max (Baca?).

He told me that because of the Spanish Inquisition, a lot of Jewish Spaniards became Catholic.

They were despised by both Christians and Jews as "Marranos" (pigs), and were in danger from the Inquisition.

Many tens of thousands of them left Spain and got as far away as they could -- to New Spain -- to Mexico and South America.

Cousin Max said among these were many of our ancestors.

He said, "Look around".

I looked at our relatives eating.

He said, "We are Jews. I am taking the lessons to convert to be a Jew. I am to be circumcised shortly."

Maybe so. Maybe not. I don't know.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Charles Glenn Jacobs and Lucy Baca Family Pedigree

Hand written by Frank Glenn Jacobs about 1955
Records in home of parents; birth, blessing and baptism certificates;
Copies of "Grandma Grace Hoblit Jacobs' Black book" genealogy book collected by Grace throughout her life time given to 7 children in 1945, updated from time to time. See Genealogy, "Grandma's black book"

Click on chart to enlarge, click twice to way enlarge it.

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excellant genealogy goodies

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Good to hear from you; when you wake up in the morning it will be like Christmas morning if you go to the ancestor's and geneology web site. Not that this information is not on the disks, it is just so awesome to know I am making it available world wide. Grandma Grace and my about to be born grandson are doing a jig in the spirit world tonight.

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It's about time we heard from you... How are you? It seems this is the season for genealogy as I have been doing some research and thanks to Lynda I have the bridge for the Jacobs line, that connects us to the "famous" Jacobs. It seem that the stuff is just falling into my lap right now. But most of it is thanks to the people that have done the basic footwork. What I have been doing is correlating others research and plugging it into our family. Now to see what Temple work has been done. There are several lines back to jolly old England and there seems to be some minor nobility, which makes the tracking VERY easy.
We are fat and sassy as usual and doing well. Spring is springing and it is a beautiful time of year here. We are still looking for a way to come west again but with the economy as it is it make the prospects much slimmer. Eric has several applications in at this time, so we are waiting. ( I hate to wait) We took a big hit on taxes this year so it might be a while before we can venture west for a visit. I do want to come back as soon as we can. We are planting a vegetable garden in raised beds so I can reach them. (Getting old is #$%@) I don't think we have seen the worst of this economic situation so having a few tomato's will help and be good too. Our food storage is in better shape than it has been. But there is always more to do.
Mike is still finding out what he wants to do with his life. He is exploring all sorts of possibilities, with Nursing being one of them. He says that at least he could support a family with nursing and we will always need health care workers. But he has not finally decided. There is no rush and we support him in what ever he decides. OK, Now I have to go to bed, this is the first time in ages that I have been the last one up. Usually I'm like the chickens, gets dark and I'm down. Take care of yourself and give your sweet wife a big hug from me.
PS hi every body else...

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Lynda has many excellent genealogy goodies she wants us all to have. You will recall the neat cd's she prepared and gave each of us, including you.

This letter is to put you in contact with each other, so you can all do more of the same.

I hope all is well with our Eastern seaboard cousins.

Love ya,